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accent pillow case baby burlap sofa DIY Graduation Cap Decorating Ideas using Cricut Iron-On customized baby gifts

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It’;s almost Graduation season again! If you’;re looking for a fun way to celebrate the Graduation?of someone you love, then you may like today’;s project. I’;m sharing with you lots of fun Graduation Cap decorating ideas, along with how to make a Graduation shadow box.?

I am thrilled to be working with Cricut as a Brand Ambassador on this project. This is sponsored content.?

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I’;m not quite sure how it happened, but all 3 of my kids are graduating from something this year. 1 from college and 2 from High School. I obviously?expected the twins to graduate the same year, but when I realized my oldest would also be graduating?college at the same time I had to giggle. This April, May &; June will be crazy busy for us with all of the graduation celebrations (3 kids graduatingaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, and none of them from the same school or during same month…; way to stretch things out LOL!). Let the celebrating begin!

I’;ve noticed a trend lately?of decorating graduation caps.? I know that this is not allowed at some schools, but I still think the idea is genius! I’;ve seen all kinds of graduation cap decorations ranging from inspirational to funny. I think that it is a great way to celebrate what is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

I’;m not sure if my kids can wear a decorated grad cap but thought that it would be fun to decorate some for them as a keepsake. I’;m going to take the decorated caps and use them in Graduation shadow boxes.

Since I didn’;t want to change the caps they would be getting at school, I ordered an extra set of caps online. My plan is to replace the tassel with their actual graduation tassel in the shadow box after they graduate.? I’;m also going to add a few photos of the commencement ceremony.

For those of you with eagle eyes looking at the shadow box and wondering why it’;s not complete.? My oldest graduated in December from BYU. They don’;t do commencement in December so she will walk in April, but her graduation year is still last year. So we don’;t have an official graduation tassel or photo of her to use in the box yet.??

To decorate my Graduation Caps and matching shadow box I used my Cricut Machine. In Cricut Design space I found loads of fun images perfect for graduation caps.? All of the images shown in this post are Cricut files, not mine.

For the Graduation Caps I used Cricut Iron On Vinyl and I used regular vinyl on the shadow box. Here’;s how I did it.

Supplies are linked, click to find purchasing sources.

Cricut Maker Machine

Everyday Iron-On Vinyl from Cricut (I used white and gold)

Cricut EasyPress (for the iron on)

Black Vinyl (for shadow box)

Transfer Tape

Iron-On Protective Sheet

Graduation Caps (here are the ones I ordered)

Cricut Tools

If you want to make the same Graduation Cap that I did, I’;ve shared my Design Space file HERE.

The first thing you need to do is design the cap. If you look in Cricut Design Space there is a collection called “;The Tassel is worth the hassle”;. There are lots of fun graduation phrases in that collection. You can also type keywords like “;adventure”;, “;Goals”;, “;I Did it”; into the search box and you should be able to find something you like.

Next, measure your graduation?cap.

Open Cricut Design space and draw a square the same size as your graduation cap, rotate it 45 degrees.

Insert the image you want to apply to the cap. Size it so that it’;s the same size as the cap (remember there is a non-removable button on the top of the cap so plan accordingly).

After you’;ve got your image the size you want, delete or hide the square graduation cap (it was only in there for size reference).

Send the image to the machine, and cut it out from Iron On Vinyl

Weed the vinyl until only your image remains.

If you are using two different colors of vinyl, you’;ll need to cut out the 2nd color as well.

Place your image on your graduation cap to see if it fits the way you want it. You may have to cut parts of it apart to get it to fit around the button.

When you’;ve got it where you want it, you’;re ready to set it with the EasyPress.

Since you’;re working at an angle that you might not be used to, it’;s a bit harder to get the words straight across the cap. Remember the cap is worn as a diamond, not a square.? Use a large ruler to help you place your image in the correct spot.? Just place the ruler on the cap from the outside corner to outside corner and you should be able to check the placement of your image easily. Also, make sure you know which end is the front of the cap!

Set your EasyPress to 305 degrees and 30 seconds. Since your cap is polyester you’;ll also need a pressing sheet to protect the fabric.

Place the pressing sheet on top of the iron on then the EasyPress on top of that and hit the button and wait for the timer. When you’;re done, move it to another section of the cap and keep moving until you’;ve adhered the entire iron on.

If you’;re using a 2nd color, apply it now, again making sure to use the pressing sheet to protect both the fabric and the iron on you’;ve already attached.

Then just peel off the plastic backing.

In Cricut Design Space, spell out the phrase you’;d like on top of the glass of the shadow box. Measure it so that it will fit on the glass. I used the Cricut Varsity font.

Cut out the image from Vinyl. Peel away the excess. Apply a bit of transfer tape to the top of the image. Then peel off. Place the image/transfer tape on the glass and use the Cricut tool to adhere.

The last thing you need to do is peel away the transfer tape.

For the last step arrange the items you want in the shadow box.

That’;s it! There are so many fun possibilities when it comes to decorating graduation caps! You can even design your own lettering if you’;d like.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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