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accent pillow case baby burlap sofa Eylure x AnnLe - Eylure Vlogger Series

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Three years ago is when I got into wearing lashes. ?After realizing how amazing they look in my youtube videos, I was hooked ever since. Whenever I don’;t have the right pair of lashes on to an event or on video, I feel so incomplete. It feels like wearing an ugly pair of shoes with a cute outfit. Once you find that perfect pair (False Lashes 101 coming soon!) you’;ll never want to go lash-less again! I used to wonder why can’;t my eye makeup pop like the actors?on the red carpet? Now I realized you can easily instantly?look sultry, dolled up, or glamorous just with the right pair of false lashes.

Remember that time I went to Paris/London and got detained at the UK border? Wellaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, there was some good happening at the same time and it definitely outweighed the nightmare experience with the grumpy officer I’;ve encountered. I was there for a photo shoot in collaboration with Eylure! The shoot was for our lash boxes. It was definitely an exciting project! In the last year, I’;ve been working on this secret project and the time has come where I can share the exciting news with the world! ?The collaboration with Eylure is called The Vlogger series which includes four youtube influencers –; Nicole Guerrero, Nikki Phillippi, Sarai (KrazyRayRay) and myself. ?Our platforms are a mix between Beauty and Lifestyle. We all got to design 2 sets of lashes. One day and one evening look. I have worked with many great brands in the past and I have to say Eylure is amongst the sweetest team to work with. They were very supportive and helpful with our design process. They took notes of all our inputs and creative ideas to make it true to who we are as vloggers. It is truly a collaboration. The lashes are now available exclusively at Walgreens stores across the nation and (HERE).

accent pillow case baby baby decoration

Left to right: Me,?Nicole Guerrero, Sarai (KrazyRayRay) and?Nikki Phillippi

Get the Lashes?only:?

This collaboration was a really fun and creative process. We all put a lot of thought into the designs of the lashes and the boxes. From color to graphics…;. we poured in our hearts into it. To see everything come into fruition was surreal. Before Christmas, I heard some of the lashes were out in Walgreens before the official launch date. I decided to visit my local Walgreens and that was then I saw the four of us sitting on the front top shelf, near Beyonce! It was an incredible feeling! To see that some lashes were already purchased, that was when everything seemed so real. eeeekkkkk!!!!!

Instagram: AnnLeStyle


This is the “So Lovely”. I wanted something light and flirty for a day and evening wear. When creating this, I asked myself “what would I wear with the hubby if we were going out all day?”. I thought about how us girls love taking cute Instagram?photos whenever we’;re?out. So the lashes must stand out! Then later in the day, if you decide to go out for dinner you’ll be ready with dazzling eyes!

This style is call “So Fancy”. It nice and full yet not too overly dramatic that it can take the focus away from your eyes and makeup. I love full lashes but they are usually too heavy looking for my eyes. I feel like there needed to be something in between. These have the perfect amount of fluffiness, enough to enhance any eye makeup specially smokey eyes.

When designing the lashes. I specifically asked for a kind of band that I was familiar with and loved from Eylure’s other styles. The band I chose for my designs are very light and flexible yet they hold their shape very well. A problem I always have with lashes is that they lose their shape after one use and then they are no longer any good. Wah wah!

wearing “;#SoFancy”;

I have always been a fan?of Eylure lashes. ?Their lash?quality and variety of styles never have disappointed me. ?Every time I see a particular style I like, I would pick up?2-3 packs before they sell out. ?I was “that” girl. Now I get to be?the one on the boxes! I hope you will the feel same about my lashes. I truly put a lot of thought into the designs and wanted to make my lashes suitable for most eye types out there.?I will be posting a False Lash Guide 101 soon so stay tuned! ?Other than that, I cannot believe that many people now own my lashes and will be rocking them. What?!!!!

If you’re looking for an easy, yet adorable DIY gift idea, you’ll love this Mulling Spice Recipe I’ve created to place inside these super cute muslin bags!

Making the kitchen work for us has been a real struggle in this house. After I banished all of my baking supplies to a cabinet in the dining room, I was still struggling with a lack of counter top and work space.

A Christmas tradition in our house includes putting up my children’s artwork. My seven year old daughter made an adorable paper plate drawing of Santa on his rounds that I always loved. Every Christmas it was displayed on the fridge. As time went by, it grew worse for wear and I thought it would make a wonderful little quilt. It is a great way to preserve memories and you might like to use your own child’s art.

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