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accent pillow case baby burlap sofa Faux Fur-Lined Tartan Poncho decorative pillow shams

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I’;ve been loving the fact that ponchos of all types are back again and have been wanting one for myself in a fun plaid. What could be better than cozy wool tartan poncho wrapped around your shoulders? As it turns out, if you line it with warm faux fur, a lined poncho is?even better!

I had a piece of vintage wool tartan in my stash and decided to pair it with a pretty, soft minky fur. Loose or beltedaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, it is just the thing to keep away the chill. It’;s so cozy it functions as outerwear and is easily thrown on inside when you need a quick warm-up.

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As you would expect, it’;s super simple to sew.

Place the tartan and faux fur right sides together and pin along all the edges, leaving a 5″; opening along one long side for turning. If you’;d like, you can add additional pins in the center of the fabric to limit the amount of shifting while sewing.

Stitch the two pieces together using a .5″; seam allowance. Be careful to ease the faux fur as you sew so that it doesn’;t shift and result in wonky seams. Start and stop at the 5″; opening.

Clip your corners to reduce bulk and turn your poncho right side out.

With the raw edges turned under, stitch the 5″; opening closed very close to the edge.

Now add a row of topstitching all the way around the edges of poncho?with a .5″; seam allowance.

To create the neck opening, find the center of the poncho by folding it in half lengthwise and then width wise. Mark this with a pin.

Unfold the poncho. Measure out 5″; width-wise on either side of this center pin for the width of your neck opening and mark with pins.

Measure down from the center pin 3″; and mark with a pin for the front center of your neck opening.

Using a disappearing fabric pencil, draw your cutting line with a slight arch for the back neck (about 1″; up from the center pin), curving at the outer pins, and curving down to the center front pin.

Now cut your neck opening through both layers of fabric. ?(It may help to pin around the cutting line to stabilize your layers.)

The final step is to bind the neck opening with your strip of faux suede. Starting at the center back, encase the raw edges of the neck opening by folding the suede binding in half over the edges. Pin generously all the way around the neck opening and overlap the binding 1″; to finish.

Using a zig-zag stitch on your BERNINA machine, stitch along the raw edge of the faux suede binding being careful to catch the binding on the underside.

The faux suede binding makes a beautiful finished neck opening.

I love the contrast of these materials! I hope you enjoy your cozy poncho!

*This size poncho fits most women, but if you would like to customize the fit you can take your own measurements and cut the fabric accordingly.

To take your measurements:

This approach to sizing also makes it possible to sew a child-sized poncho!

It is the final segment of of the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt Along! I know many of you have been waiting for this because you have posted pictures of your progress in my Facebook Group. I’ve been so excited by the progress you’ve been making! Seriously, having so many people sew along with me on a project like this makes my heart sing!

Today I'm sharing the work of surface designer Mary Winklea. Mary found me on LinkedIn and contacted me via this blog.

I love learning new sewing techniques, and a mitered corner hem is something new to me. I had heard of mitered corners on a napkin, and mitered corners on a quilt, but recently I sewed a dress where the instructions called for mitered corners on the hem. And then I read a few sewing books that also talked about a mitered corner hem.

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