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ONE FUR-OCIOUS VEST, a timeless fashion staple for many occasions.

Select your favorite faux fur and vest pattern. Cut out the tissue pattern pieces and cut the lining as directed on the pattern.

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All furs have a direction that the fur “grows” in, called the nap. When you brush fabric with a nap in one direction, it will appear one way and when you brush it in the opposite directionaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, it will appear different, either darker or lighter.

This plays a huge role when cutting out the fur and assembling the vest. The last thing one wants is one side of the vest to look like the fur is growing down and the other side look like it is growing up.

To determine the direction of the nap, run hand up and down the fur. The fur should run down the vest similar to petting a cat.

At all times, you need to keep the direction of this nap in mind.

To ensure the nap is going in the correct direction, when pinning the tissue pattern pieces in place, mark the backing of the fur with a note indicating the top or mark several arrows the direction of the nap.

Place pattern pieces on the backing accordingly and pin in place.

Place pins close together to help eliminate movement of the fur when sewing.

Cut the vest pieces out one at a time.

When cutting the fur vest, use scissors rather than a rotary cutter to only cut the backing of the fur. The scissors will cut the backing with minimal snipping of the fur.

If the fur is cut with the backing it will leave a “chopped” look of the fur on the edge.

After the backing is cut, pull apart the fur pieces.

Assemble the vest according to the pattern instructions for the chosen vest.

Place right sides of faux fur together.?Push the faux fur into the seam while pinning.

Place pins close together to aid in eliminating movement of the fur when sewing.

The?BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole #34D?works well for sewing the fur as the clear sole makes the entire stitching area visible.

The BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole #34D is designed to be used with the BERNINA Dual Feed engaged.

The?BERNINA Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers at the same rate and is especially helpful for sewing difficult-to-feed fabrics like fur.

When sewing the fur, lengthen the stitch length for best results.

If your sewing machine is not equipped with the BERNINA Dual Feed feature use the BERNINA Walking Foot #50.

Once the vest is complete, take a needle or seam ripper and slowly pull the tips of the fur, that are stuck in the seam, out. This will make the seam disappear.

Sew the lining to the fur vest, turn it right side out and the faux fur vest is ready to wear.

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