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When it comes to accessorising your home, table lamps should be top of your list. With table lamps you are getting two items for the price of one, not only do they provide handy task lighting wherever you may need it but they also have strong decorative qualities and can really help to enhance a particular theme or feel you may have created for your room. Available so many sizes and styles, adaptability is what makes the table lamp such fantastic item of home decoration.

In a bedroom setting two small table lamps either side of the bed are perfect for creating a relaxed ambienceaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, providing just enough light for you to be able to snuggle up with your favourite book, but not so much that the room becomes too bright. In such a restful setting you probably won’t be able to read for very long, however, with a lamp on either side of the bed, you won’t have to move very far to turn out the lights.

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Large table lamps are great for adding character to a dull corner in a sitting room or for illuminating a desk in a home office. As they are a little taller, with a bigger shade, the circumference of the area lit will be a little bigger making them much more useful for getting a little study done. Alternatively, a large lamp placed at one end of side cabinet in hallway would create a very inviting feel as you enter the property, it would also make the area a great spot to set up a telephone- add a note pad and big wicker chair and you have a set up that lets you easily jot down messages or talk the night away with someone you don’t see often enough.

Taking a look at the styles currently popular, you definitely won’t go far wrong with a simple brushed steel base complete with classic conical shade. This style of lamp fits perfectly in any modern setting, keeping minimal to retro fans happy with its clean lines and quality finish. The beauty of such a base is that you can mix and match the shade to your hearts delight, meaning it need never be thrown out when your tastes change.

A suede shade in a rich plum colour, edged with a tassels or beading would instantly transform the whole light into a very art deco looking piece. Or by instead swapping for a colourful floral design you have something that would look fantastic in a conservatory or garden room.

Classically styled rooms influenced by the Edwardian and Victorian periods would benefit hugely from a charming oversized carved wood or bronze lamp. Most modern reproductions of older styles are perfectly able to lie about their age due to clever distressing techniques applied to them; alternatively a trip to the local thrift store may unearth a real bargain find.

Trying to tell you about all of the fantastic lamps that are out there would take a lot longer than I have in one short article; this was intended only to whet the appetite. However I do hope that it has shed some light this radiant area of home decoration and ultimately proves helpful in your quest for enlightenment!

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