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accent pillow case baby burlap sofa Matching ‘Dolly & Me’ Skirts customized baby gifts

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I’;m the Sunday “;church outfit picker”; of the family.? Steve lets me tackle that job each week.? Very willingly. ;)?

A few weeks ago, Elli was watching as I plucked outfits from closets, gathered socks and tights, searched high and low for diaper covers, etc.? I realized after a while, that she began frantically digging through her drawers and toy boxes for something.? I didn’;t think much of it until she approached meaccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, a little flustered, and told me, “;mommy, I can’;t find anything for Ella to wear to church.”;? (Even though she doesn’;t bring Ella to church.? I guess she wanted Ella to be appropriately dressed for her “;pretend”; church here in our home.) She told me that she really needed a skirt for Ella, just like what she had on.? Well, okay, I get it.? She’;s 5.? And she wants to be matching her sweet little doll, Ella.? (Bless her sweet little 5 year old heart! :))? She was disappointed when I told her that I couldn’;t whip one up before church…;…;…;.but I assured her I would make her one really soon.?

canvas throw pillow covers

Several weeks later is still “;really soon”;.? Right?!

When I told Elli I was making Ella a new skirt today, I asked her if she wanted a matching one.? She told me YES!…;..about 6 or 7 times.? Ha.

She thought it was so cool to be matching her favorite little dolly.? I know you have a little girl (or niece or granddaughter) who would love this too.

And remember the Elastic Band Skirt tutorial?? Yep, that’;s exactly what I used.? (more info on that cute elastic over at the tutorial as well.)

So…;…;it took me about a half hour to make both.? Hooray!? (remember, if you don’;t have cute wide elastic…;..just make a regular elastic casing skirt. No biggee.)

Elli was completely thrilled that Ella now had a “;church skirt”;.? Ha.? (That doll has dresses…;…;but she wanted a skirt for her.? Okay, okay, I get it.)

And well, I was going to wait and give these skirts to her for Christmas…;..but it was just too quick and simple to not just run upstairs and surprise her with them.?

Why is fulfilling a little girl’;s simple plea so much fun?? Maybe I’;ll have to make a few other wardrobe items for little Ella for Christmas.? Hmmmmm…;

****In case you don’;t have an 18 inch doll laying around to measure (like an “;American Girl”; doll…;…;.or an “;Our Generation”; doll if you buy your knock offs from Target like we do), their waists are about 10 inches around.? And to use the?elastic band skirt tutorial, I cut one piece of fabric that was 20 inches by 4.5 inches and then followed the tutorial the same way.? (If you’;re hemming instead of serging or zig-zagging the raw edges, be sure to add more fabric to compensate for that.)? Also, I used 1 inch wide elastic for the doll, just like I did for the full sized skirt, making the finished skirt a little over 5 inches long.

If you don’;t want to use the?elastic band skirt tutorial, you could also make a Dolly &; Me skirt from one of the following tutorials as well:

a sweet little 3 TIERED SKIRT

a comfy YOGA SKIRT (made from an old Tshirt)


**Or, well, there are several other ideas over in the “;clothing section”; of my blog.? Go and do a little digging if you want to! :)

Good luck matching up your little girl (or niece or granddaughter or little neighbor) with her favorite dolly! :)


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I was so excited to get another big box of Martha Stewart Craft Supplies.? I mean, who doesn’t like getting big boxes delivered, especially when it’s full of Martha Stewart products! This box was full of Craft Paint in all finishes.? Glitter, satin, pearl, high gloss.? It also had other solutions to add for fabric paint, stucco finish etc….? I was a bit intimidated by those, but I can’t wait to try them out. In addition to the paint, there were several packages of stencils.? SWEET!

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