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In October we published a piece which revealed what footwear of a person divulges about their personality.

But it’s not just about shoes because also like the clothes we wear, a handbag also transports silent messages. Ask yourself this; are you a clutch girl, a tote loveraccent pillow case baby burlap sofa, designer label fanatic or a vintage hunter?

No matter what type of handbag you prefer, it’s definitely saying something about you.

Keep reading to learn what you’re telling people with the bag you carry.

Oversized Handbags / Totes

You love being self-contained! You love ?walking around with everything in your?oversized?bag / tote and are probably a problem solver since you have everything you will ever need with you at all times. You are spontaneous too, since you are always ready, it is easy for you to travel on a whim. You are probably a very disorganized person but you are comfortable with that.

Designer Bags

Hello Miss independent! You love the better-quality things in life and you love yourself to bits. You love it when other women ogle your handbag and at a restaurant you will even ask for an extra seat to put your designer handbag. You love your bags and take care of them like they are your child.


You are one confident chic, aren’t you? You don’t doesn’t feel the need to carry your entire life with you and aren’t afraid to ask a companion to hold your belongings that won’t fit in your clutch. It’s all about style with a little bit of organization.


You are practical and genuine person. And you are definitely?? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????not concerned with what others think of you. You prefer comfort over everything else and making a style statement is not your concern. Practical that you are, you like your things organized thus you enjoy your backpack.

Interesting Materials and Embellishments

It’s not just the style of bag you carry but also its distinctive features that speak about your personality. Knit bags give off a warm and artsy vibe, where metal fittings signal someone with a defiant streak. Sequins and sparkles are generally worn by those who like to be the ‘center of attention’ whereas neutral colored bags say that you’re friendly and approachable.

Now that you are aware of what your handbag says about you, time to ask yourself this; Do you agree with these bagology theory? What do you think your handbag says about you?

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