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burlap throw pillow covers Fall Color Palette- Cranberry & Onyx funny cushion covers

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On the cover of our August catalog, we went bold with red and black, or as we like to call it, Cranberry and Onyx. We chose deepburlap throw pillow covers, rich reds and paired themcharcoals and blacks, both with a little hint of shine. Our new Morgan pendant in Bronze is a particular favorite, especially in this space, because of its clean lines andsubtlety shiny finish. We reinforced that shiny black finish by using our Durham Desk and our Allen Stools, which both have iron frames for that have a slight reflective quality.

Bringing in that rich red was too easy —; we used some of our favorite new pieces for Fall, like our Beckett Hand Knotted Rug, our Sydney Berry fabric, and our Linen Flange Pillows in Pomegranate. Together, these pieces feel tailored, rich, and even a little masculine. What a cozy workspace this would make for Fall! But you could just as easily reinterpret it into a bedroom with our Annabel bedding, and upholstered headboard and some Durham side tables. How would you use this color palette in your home?

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Find morecolor palette ideas, or browse ourPinterest boardsfor more inspiration!

Admittedly, we haven’t done much for fall yet this year. Between arriving home from a trip to see my parents in Phoenix (yay for sunshine!) and returning to work and then a child care change-up, it’s been a bit hectic. Whew. So decorating for fall is on my to-do list, but we haven’t gotten there yet! Until then, I wanted to show you a quick DIY shadowbox craft we created before we left for vacation. The best part? It’s totally interchangeable for the seasons! That means you can keep it up all year and simply pick up a new piece of card stock when you’re ready to switch from Fall to Christmas to Winter. Yay!

As summer starts to come to a close, it’s time to shift focus towards the upcoming school year. How do you make your space stand out in the sea of dorm accessories? It’s all about clean lines, simplicity and great functionality–especially when space is limited. We especially love a good stackable basket!

Summer is a great way to bring a few beachy pieces into your home, but if you’re landlocked, you may not want to go too far down theme route. Although let’s be real, we love that look too!We think Goldilocks would agree that a few seaside-inspired pieces sprinkled throughout your home is just right. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring a little that beach flair home, without going overboard.

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