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burlap throw pillow covers Hottest New Decorating Trends for Your Child's Bedroom funny cushion covers

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What's hot and new on the decorating scene for your child's bedroom? Just about anything and everything. Today, more than ever, the DIY room is trending. Is it the economy and parents' are penny pinching? Does a family member have plenty of time since he or she no longer has a job? It may be some of these but most parents find they really enjoy the task of sponging walls and painting murals. Some dads and even mums are taking to the workshop to create some amazing study units and bedroom furniture because it's one way to show how much they care and it's fun.

Highlighting special nooks and crannies by using contrasting light and dark shades of the same colour is hot in most every form of decorating today and it doesn't stop when it comes to the kids' bedrooms. You'll even see some unlikely colour combinations that work well when put together with other décor. Put some lime green curtains with hot pink bedding and you have a modern princess rose gardenburlap throw pillow covers, replete with her name in hearts above her bed. Watch out for the giant dinosaurs when you enter little Johnny or Janie's room. They're big and bold and most of all, they're removable. Removable wall stickers are one of the latest items to conquer the decorating scene, especially for kids.

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You'll find them in all sizes and shapes and they're perfect for just the right added touches. Of course, since kids change their tastes almost overnight, you can easily change the theme for the room by purchasing new wall decals and stickers. Changing themes has never been more inexpensive. Don't forget to buy some removable borders as an accent around the ceiling. Stars are not only for the skies, they're also for the ceilings too. Glow in the dark paint gives your child a wonderful scene to help him or her tumble off to slumber-land.

If you want to get technical, consider giving your budding astronomer the entire galaxy or let your child help in aligning the stars if he or she is a bit more mature. Daytime daydreamers can look up at clouds if you decide that scene is more for them. You can also add childrens curtains which compliment the colour scheme or room's theme; with some super designs, colours and patterns available you'll easily find curtains to team with duvet covers and motifs.

Today I will be showing you all how to make a simple?chrysanthemum pouch. Weather you have little sewing experience, or a ton anyone can do it! c:This is my first instructable so I'm still working out all the kinks so please be patient, and give a litlle advice if you feel the need!Edit! I almost forgot! The idea is from the book "Omiyage" by Kumiko Sudo! This is how this is how I made it, and I uber recommend checking her book out sometime for more beautiful crafts! c:

I’m back with more felt hair clippies! This time it’s a monogrammed hair clip for your stitching pleasure. Quick and easy and a wonderfully personal gift for a baby or little girl. Get the DIY after the jump.

Seam-stitching tips from Debbie Cacciamani, BERNINA Educator. Watch for more sewing tips from Debbie in the coming months!

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