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burlap throw pillow covers How to Sew a Tissue Box Cover (An Ace Hotel Inspired DIY) customized gifts for mom

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I use tissues. Therefore, I need boxes of tissues around my house. I’;m not so in love with regular old patterned tissue boxes, so I’;ve had it in mind to make some tissue box covers out of canvas, similar to those I’;ve seen at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Palm Springs, and New York.

This weekburlap throw pillow covers, I finally got down to business. It’;s actually a fairly simple project, and I feel like my tissue boxes are now more attractive, for what it’;s worth.

monogram pillow cases

Whip up one of these canvas tissue box covers (or usually regular fabric and medium- or heavy- weight interfacing, to dress your tissues up as well.

Find out my source for cheap heavy-weight canvas and get the tutorial for How to Sew a Tissue Box cover after the jump…;

So to make on of these…;

…;you will need to cut four pieces of canvas. I buy canvas tarps from Amazon and use them for all sorts of projects, they are especially good for outdoor projects (hint hint: lots to come in our book, Pretty Prudent Home, out next spring). I use chalk to mark on canvas, just be sure you use inside of your chalk line as the measurement and cut appropriately.For the top, cut two pieces 5.5″; x 5.5″;.For the sides, cut one piece 19″;X6.5″;

Align the two top pieces wrong sides facing (if your fabric has a wrong side. Draw a rectangle 3″; x 2″; centered on top.

Stitch along the lines you drew to sew a rectangle, rounding out the corners. Cut out the center and score the edges to assist in turning.

Pull one side of the top through the other

Flatten (press if necessary):

Top stitch around the inside edge of the tissue opening and baste (sew with a long stitch, a 5 or so) around the outside edges of the top.

On your long piece of fabric, fold 1/2″; to the wrong side and hem with a straight stitch along the bottom.

If you want to add a buttonhole like I did, measure 6″; in from one edge and sew your button hole just about an inch up from the bottom edge. Follow this tutorial: How to Sew a Buttonhole.

Fold your long piece in half, short sides aligned, right sides facing, and sew the edge with 1/2″; seam allowance and a straight stitch.

If desired, carefully fold the seam to one side and top stitch it in place.

Turn wrong side out and carefully pin the outside edges of the top to the unfinished edge of the side pieces with right sides facing, making sure each side is evenly pinned.

Sew in place with a scant seam allowance and a straight or zig zag stitch. Start at one corner and sew along one edge, then remove the piece from the sewing machine, pivot it, and insert the next corner to repeat until all four edges are sewn.

Turn your tissue box cover right side out.

Hand sew a decorative button to the base of the buttonhole if you wanna.

Insert tissues, place in convenient locations around the house.

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