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burlap throw pillow covers Make Your Holidays Glow with Candlelight funny cushion covers

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Nothing is more festive at the holidays than the warm glow of light. From twinkling strands of tiny lights to the dancing flicker of candlelight, there’s just something magical about that wintry white glow. When we decorate for the holidays, we always find ways to amplify the light in every room. Here are a few favorite strategies for lighting up the holidays.

If there’s one thing we’re stocking up on this year for our holiday decorating, it’s our Petite Starry String Lights. Add them anywhere for an instant holiday glow. They’re wired, so you can easily bend them and shape them around wreathsburlap throw pillow covers, through banisters and even chandeliers. We’re also layering them in trees, garland and on mantels for that extra sparkle. The best thing about them is they’re battery-powered, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of plugs and outlets.

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Forget the greenery, the figurines and the usual holiday decor. This year, highlight your mantel in a very simple way: decorate it with the magic of candlelight. The trick is in mixing the height, size and type of candle holders. Our low Le Marais Tealight Holder creates an understated centerpiece, and it’s flanked on either side by a grouping of our Mercury Glass Candle Holders?for an added?layer of sparkle. The Hurricanes anchor the entire composition, adding dramatic height and visual weight. We used all white candles and the only embellishment is the tartan plaid bows. We love the understated, yet glamorous vibe of this mantel.

For fuss-free decorating, repeat the same concept on your dining room table. Make your centerpiece shimmer and shine with the warm glow of candlelight. Just remember to vary the size and height of your candle holders for a visually interesting grouping. We added our Potted Amaryllis for holiday color and cheer —; another way to make Christmas decorating a snap. Notice the candlelight is repeated around the room, from the walls to the mantel, for maximum shine.

If you love the ambiance of candlelight, but don’t want to worry about dripping wax and putting candles out, opt for the flameless kind. Our shimmering Mercury Glass Trees light up from the inside with a battery-powered LED light. The beauty of mercury glass is that it mixes in effortlessly with any look. We love them on this fun and whimsical mantel, wrapped in red, green and cheetah —; all the colors of Christmas.

For more design inspiration,?visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in our?Photo Gallery.

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On Saturday I woke up to find, bouncing around in my head, the idea that a sandworm body pillow would be funny. (Based on Lynch's vision of Dune, of course.) I posted about it, as one does with throw-away ideas. That would have been that, except it quickly became one of my most RT'd tweets ever. The message was clear: the internet wanted me to actually made one. I am not one to argue with portents such as that, so I set to work.

Quillows were first made using a thin quilt, adding a pocket and turning the quilt into a pillow (Quil-low). Today they are much easier to make using fleece. They are fun, easy to make and they travel really well, they make great gifts, and they are WARM! We will be driving to Colorado for Christmas and this Quillow might just come in handy. So here is how to make your own quillow.

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