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Have you checked out my fall décor around our house yet? If not, check it out here! You guys, I love Pottery Barn style! I however, cannot justify spending so much money all the time and need to reign in what is worth the?$$ versus what isn’;t. You know what is not worth the money? Holiday items! I feel like trends come and go each year that I won’;t love an item in 5 or 6 years.

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However, this year’;s Pottery Barn fall collection has some super cute items. Like really cute. One in particular that caught my eye was this set of filler. But at $24 for two piecesburlap throw pillow covers, I knew I could make them for cheaper. Turns out, I made the set of 2 (and 3 more, plus 2 sets of leaves, plus 10 extra pieces) for $14! Here is how I DIY-ed the 17 pieces for less than a dollar apiece!

Aren’;t these little pumpkins lovely? But at $24.50 per duo, I can think of better ways to spend my money. Especially with something that shiny looking really enticing to little ones. Maybe I’;ll have nice things in 5 years (a mom can dream)!

I picked these pumpkins up for one dollar apiece. I bought five. Because, you know that’;s reasonable. ??

I bought the little gourds for 5 for $1. I ended up 10 total pieces. Lastly, the leaves were a $1 a stem. I thought 2 packs would give me? enough to begin this project!

I know it’;s far reaching, right? ?But I’;m going to make them less dollar store looking and more Pottery Barn-like!

A collection of fall goodies. They can be any material, even glass. <;–; But not in this house!

Spray Paint ( I used this color and this one)

Acrylic Paint ( I used this one bottle for all items)

Small Paint Brush (I used this size)

Begin with a well covered space. You will want to lay out your?goodies and space them apart.

Lightly coat each one with spray paint. ?While this process may only take you a minute or two, let them dry in their place for at least 2 hours. If you can do overnight, even better. I worked on these while the kids napped and right after bedtime. Each step only requires a minute or two.

Once they are completely dried, turn them over and paint the other side. Allow dry and apply a second coat over the entire item. For this process I stuck my leaves in the wire trash can so that they could dry without touching any surface.

Now you should have some lovely looking items!

I went a step further and took a small paint brush and lightly coated everything with translucent metallic paint. I think it gave it more of a mercury glass effect that drew me to the Pottery Barn ones. They now have a home with these hurricanes and rocks that are also from the Dollar Tree.

When you choose your spray paint, think of building the color. For example, if I wanted to obtain a near identical Pottery Barn look, I would paint them the Bronze Metallic and then add a thick layer of gold acrylic OR use mercury glass spray paint (yes, it’;s a real thing!).

For the leaves, I lightly painted the acrylic over the veins of the leaves. Since I only had a few minutes to spare, it wasn’;t an exact science.

What colors would you paint your pumpkins or leaves? Don’;t forget to check out the fall décor for this year!

pillow covers geometric

Today I will be showing you all how to make a simple?chrysanthemum pouch. Weather you have little sewing experience, or a ton anyone can do it! c:This is my first instructable so I'm still working out all the kinks so please be patient, and give a litlle advice if you feel the need!Edit! I almost forgot! The idea is from the book "Omiyage" by Kumiko Sudo! This is how this is how I made it, and I uber recommend checking her book out sometime for more beautiful crafts! c:

I’m back with more felt hair clippies! This time it’s a monogrammed hair clip for your stitching pleasure. Quick and easy and a wonderfully personal gift for a baby or little girl. Get the DIY after the jump.

Seam-stitching tips from Debbie Cacciamani, BERNINA Educator. Watch for more sewing tips from Debbie in the coming months!

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