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burlap throw pillow covers Shake-up Your Colour Scheme 5- Colour Blocking funny cushion covers

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Perhaps you have often wondered that when you come to decorate a room in your home you could actually do something that was a little bit different from just painting the four walls in the room with the same colour. Maybe you are after something that is a little bit more dramatic, that will bring some excitement into the room.

There is a technique called colour blocking and whilst it is a little bit more time consuming to actually prepare, the end result will quite possibly have you thinking why you never considered this option before! There is no particular skill needed, other than some imagination, a steady hand and some good planning. If you are going to use the technique of colour blocking it is best to stay with one colour but three different shades of the colour.

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You can opt for using a variety of coloursburlap throw pillow covers, whilst this can be effective, you might run the risk of making your wall seemed too busy. A good choice maybe a combination of brown, orange and peach, these are warm colours but also have a little bit of excitement about them. You'll need to choose a feature wall that you are going to do your colour blocking on, a wall such as one that runs behind your TV or perhaps your settee.

As this technique of colour blocking has the effect of drawing one's eyes towards the feature wall, you will find that is not necessary to place any piece of art work on the other walls in the room. As far as any prints go, you might like to restrict them to monochrome, the same goes for any photos you place in the room. As far as your furnishings are concerned, it is best to keep them as neutral as possible, for example if you have used a colour scheme of brown, orange and peach you might like to consider getting a sofa in white or cream leather along with cheap Roman blinds with the same colour spectrum.

Other furnishings such as cream rugs will need to be of a colour that do not invade the room, but add to it. You might even to be able to find a rug that colour blocking in such a fashion as you have designed your feature colour blocking wall. Whatever colours you decide to use in whatever room you decorate in this manner, a good thing to keep in mind is that at the end of the day it is a fun way to liven up any room.

Admittedly, we haven’t done much for fall yet this year. Between arriving home from a trip to see my parents in Phoenix (yay for sunshine!) and returning to work and then a child care change-up, it’s been a bit hectic. Whew. So decorating for fall is on my to-do list, but we haven’t gotten there yet! Until then, I wanted to show you a quick DIY shadowbox craft we created before we left for vacation. The best part? It’s totally interchangeable for the seasons! That means you can keep it up all year and simply pick up a new piece of card stock when you’re ready to switch from Fall to Christmas to Winter. Yay!

As summer starts to come to a close, it’s time to shift focus towards the upcoming school year. How do you make your space stand out in the sea of dorm accessories? It’s all about clean lines, simplicity and great functionality–especially when space is limited. We especially love a good stackable basket!

Summer is a great way to bring a few beachy pieces into your home, but if you’re landlocked, you may not want to go too far down theme route. Although let’s be real, we love that look too!We think Goldilocks would agree that a few seaside-inspired pieces sprinkled throughout your home is just right. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring a little that beach flair home, without going overboard.

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